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Quality Home and Building Inspections utilizes a "top to bottom", thorough and systematic approach in its inspections. You will join the inspector in the the minimum 2-3 hour process during which the inspector will answer questions, share information on the operation of home systems and provide insights about your future home’s condition and operation.

What should you expect on inspection day?

The inspector will meet you at the property. Paperwork will be reviewed and you will be given a clip board with pen and notepaper so you may jot down any reminders as you go along.

The inspector will climb the roof and check the chimney while you wait on the ground - you will be able to view the conditions via digital images on the computer later on in the process. Next, you will join the inspector in examining the exterior of the property and the garage.

The home is entered thru the main entry where you will proceed to the top level of the home. The attic will be examined, if accessible. Again this may only be accessible to the inspector so photos can be viewed on the computer later.

The 2nd level inspection will start in the master bath, continue thru all bedrooms and then complete any other baths prior to going downstairs. The inspector runs a lot of water - this “top to bottom approach” allows the basement to be inspected under full load conditions. The HVAC system will also be in operation during this process.

On the the 1st level all accessible windows & outlets, along with all HVAC system components, will be checked. The kitchen cabinets, appliances and flooring will be examined.

Next, on to the basement where all finished basement areas are inspected first. Each individual system is then examined in the following sequence: Electric, Water and sewer, Structural evaluation, water heater, HVAC systems and crawlspace.

At this point in the inspection process, you will have time to continue surveying the home while the inspector completes the documentation on the computer. This will take approximately 30 minutes.

You then will join the inspector at a convenient area of the home to review the results of the inspection.

The knowledge and insights that the inspector will convey to you regarding the conditions and inner-workings of the home are the most valuable aspects of the Quality Home Inspection process.

All photos taken during the evaluation will be examined. Some photos will document areas where you were not able to accompany the inspector; other photos will be used to educate you about concerns identified during the inspection. The report format is outlined for you and the Inspection Summary is reviewed. This summary:

  • Documents deficiencies identified and provides cost estimates for correction of these deficiencies
  • Provides a five (5) year schedule regarding items which may fail within this time frame

(View sample of Inspection Summary)

The report itself deals only with the negative aspects of the property. There is ample time for discussion of any and all concerns. The report, coupled with the insights and information provided during the complete evaluation process should provide you the ability to put everything in perspective and allow you to make an informed decision on your purchase.

At the conclusion of the review, you will be presented with a binder to store all the information, a CD with the digital report, all the photos and a home systems guide – How to Operate Your Home. You will pay the inspector and will be advised to feel to call with any future questions and or concerns. A firm handshake completes the Quality Home Inspection process!




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